Summary: Company process and temporarily collect indirect information only (Device Type, Browser Type). 
Device Type that can be 'iPhone', 'iPad' and Browser Type that can be 'Chrome', 'Edge'.

Privacy Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected when you visit website devel1001 (the "website", "Website"). Throughout the statement, the terms "Company" "company" refer to Many Stallings Company.


The processing of personal information requires consent. It is always your choice to let the company process your personal information. However, there is indirect personal information needed to provide the service. Except in this case, the company does not require you to agree to process the information as a condition of providing the service.

Purpose Identification

The company processes indirect personal information. The purpose of processing personal information is to detect that visitor's web browser is mobile or not.

Personal information Website collect

When you visit the website, website automatically temporarily collect certain information about your connected device type that indicates whether you are mobile or not. Company refer to this automatically-collected information as "Visitor Information".
Visitor Information (Indirect Personal Information)

Device Type and Browser Type: Company collects connected device type and browser's type. It can be "iPhone" or "iPad" at device type, "Chrome" or "Edge" at brower's type. Because website contents are arranged different from mobile and desktop browser.

Processing Restrictions

Processed personal information is none. Company do not collect personal information over the Internet.

Restrict Use, Disclosure, and Preservation

Personal information may only be used for processing purposes except with your additional intention or as required or permitted by law. Personal information will only be processed for a temporary period of time necessary to achieve the purpose of the company's processing. Do not preserve personal information. Do not disclose personal information.

Do not change collected data

Please note that company do not alter website's data collection.


The company provides accurate information as possible about the company's policies and practices in relation to the processing of your personal information.


Company can update this privacy policy in future for satisfy rules or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.


Website contains links to outside website. Company are not responsible for the privacy problems and content of about that website. This statement only valid in company's domain

User Access

On request, you will receive information about the processing of your personal information. However, the company only processes indirect personal information and does not collect or store it. In addition, valid data can be disappear quickly by volatile memory, so can only provides common information.

In certain circumstances permitted by law, certain information will not be disclosed to you. For example, a company may not disclose information related to you if it refers to other individual's information or if there are security issues, legal, commercial, or proprietary restrictions.

Contact us

For more information about company's privacy practices or for any purpose, contact company official website or below.

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